Trip to the Northern Olympic Peninsula

If you were a huge Twilight fan during your pre-teen years (like me), it doesn’t matter if you were Team Edward or Team Jacob. The small town of Forks, Washington must have been on your bucket list. I never would have imagined that I’d be able to cross that off my list several years later. I visited the Northern Olympic Peninsula for my birthday last year and I wanted to share the beauty the Pacific Northwest holds.

We stayed at a cute treehouse style airbnb in Sequim, which is 2 hours away from Forks and the gateway to the Northern Olympic Peninsula. While the neighborhood of our airbnb was beautiful, food choices in Sequim are quite limited. There were only a few good restaurants, one trusty Safeway, a couple of gas stations, and some charming boutiques along Main Street. If you prefer bigger cities and a more populated area, staying at Port Angeles would also be a good idea. The entrance to the Olympic National Park is within the city as well.

The drive to Forks was quite surreal as views like this greeted us along the way. Make sure to stop by Lake Crescent along Hwy 101! Nothing beats the choppy waters, evergreen trees, and crisp fresh air in the PNW.
As seen on Twilight, don’t forget to pull up on the side of the road and take pictures by the city sign! Did you ever really visit Forks if you don’t have a picture with the famed sign?
Upon arriving Forks, we immediately headed to the Chamber of Commerce to see Bella’s red truck. The Twilight museum was closed due to COVID restrictions so this is as close as I could get.

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