Point Reyes Day Trip Guide

Point Reyes is roughly 2 hours from San Jose but the beautiful drive makes up for the travel time. Opting for a scenic drive, we took 280 all the way to San Francisco which then turns into Hwy 1, and as you get on the Golden Gate Bridge the drive just gets even better.

Since we were only spending one full day in Point Reyes, we started our trip by having lunch at Nick’s Cove.

Nick’s Cove is one of the go-to spots in the area because of their impressive menu and charming cottages you can stay in for a night or two.
These are the charming waterfront cottages from the dock

On the way to the Point Reyes Lighthouse, we stopped by the Cypress Tree Tunnel located inside the state park as well.

We usually start our day trips a bit later in the day and luckily, we arrived the tree tunnel with pretty much no one else in sight. It was beautiful!

After checking out the Cypress Tree Tunnel, we continued to drive to the lighthouse which is a good 20 minute drive from where we were. We arrived just in time to watch the sunset and it was a beautiful experience.

The rugged Northern California coast is insanely breathtaking.
The stairway to the lighthouse was closed but it still looked beautiful from where we were standing.
One last glimpse of the raging sky before heading home.

The drive to Point Reyes is a bit windy, so if you get carsick quite a lot (like me!), it’s best to take some motion sickness medicine beforehand and don’t be afraid to roll your windows down on the drive, the crisp, fresh air will help. 😉

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