Meet Mikaela

Hi! I’m Mikaela and I live in Northern California. I have too many passions and they include cooking, traveling, and photography.

My love for cooking began at a very early age. It was at my aunt’s kitchen and it was a fine spring evening. The minute I started chopping the onions, bell peppers, and garlic, I knew I was meant to be in the kitchen. True enough, I made Arroz con Pollo and that was the first dish I ever made all by myself. To this day, this simple but tasty rice dish stays close to my heart.

As an only child, I was always fortunate enough to have traveled with my parents. Traveling to different corners of the world, whether it be small or large, sparked a feeling inside me that I never knew existed. I started seeing the world differently and the more places I visited, the more I appreciated the small details. I saw art in museums, hotel rooms, and even at home. These are what continues to inspire me and my creative juice.

I’ve always believed a life well-lived comprised of good food, happy travels, and the little things in between. Through this diary, I hope to share just that.

Thank you for getting to know me! Welcome!